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Individual Stand-Alone Stations

Individual Stand-Alone Stations

Pyxis Technologies is an industry leader in the innovation, design, and manufacture of highly-engineered automotive and commercial vehicle axle assembly systems.

Our turnkey solutions include enhancing your current process by integrating individual stand-alone stations, and/or work cells, including a host of automatic, semi-automatic, and manual features, into existing systems.


Station Types

Fully Automatic Station – Typically utilized in situations where the process sequence is complicated and/or high output is a requirement.

Semi-Automatic Station – Typically utilized in situations where manual work piece handling and/or part feeding is a requirement.

Manual Station – Typically utilized in situations where tasks are difficult to automate.


Station Functions

Pinion Bearing Preload – Pyxis Signature Machine

Bearing Torque to Rotate – Pyxis Signature Machine

Pinion Bearing Preload Validation

Dynamic Lash Verification

Dynamic Nut Adjust

Differential Shim – Squeeze or Stretch Carrier

Runout Measurement with High Point Mark

Data Collection – Quality and Process Data

Repair Area

Differential Bearing Cone Assembly

Pinion Head Bearing Assembly

Bearing Cup Press Assembly

Ring Gear Assembly

Multi-Spindle Torque Run Down

Graphite Application

Laser Etching

Loctite Applications