Transaxle Shim Gauges
Lab EV NVH Test Stand
Engine Tappet Gaging Solution
Front Axle Assembly Line
Camshaft Gauge - slide 3
Camshaft Measuring Gauging Station
Bearing Preload Station - slide 4
Bearing Preload Station
Transaxle Shim Gauge
Transaxle Shim Gauges for Backlash & Diff Case Preload Assembly Cell
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Leading the world in production gauging, IC powertrain, and EV powertrain assembly

Pyxis Technologies specializes in highly-engineered production gauging, IC powertrain and EV powertrain assembly equipment, designed to optimize automotive and commercial vehicle axle assembly processes, and production requirements.

Whether you are interested in adding an independent station, a multi-station work cell, or automating an entire assembly process, our knowledgeable team of professionals welcomes the opportunity to evaluate your current process and identify areas where we can positively impact your quality and efficiency.

Pyxis areas of expertise include, but are not limited to:

  • EV Powertrain Assembly
  • Production Gauging for Axles
  • Production Gauging for Lifter Selection
  • Pinion Bearing Preload*
  • Pinion Shim Selection
  • Differential Case Shim
  • 3-Point Backlash Check
  • Dynamic Backlash Check
  • Pattern Audit
  • Bearing Torque to Rotate
  • Total Torque to Rotate
  • Center Section Axle Assembly
  • EV Powertrain Assembly Lines
  • Final Axle Assembly Lines

*Patented Bearing Setting Process


Provide full service design, manufacturing, assembly and installation capabilities for specialty machines and tools to allow our customers to succeed in development, launch and production of technologically advanced products and processes.


Pyxis Technologies, L.L.C. recognizes that the aspect of quality is defined by our customers.

Pyxis Technologies, L.L.C. is committed to meeting customer requirements and increasing customer satisfaction through continual improvement of its products and services.  This commitment requires the efforts of all the employees, working together, to ensure the successful implementation of the products and services that are provided to the customer.

Pyxis Technologies is a privately held company, established in 2000. The company has grown consistently each year and is currently located in a 56,000 sq.ft. facility in Plymouth, Michigan.

Learn how we can help and call today! 734-414-0261