Throughout manufacturing a wide range of parts are measured, to monitor the quality and guarantee the integrity of the parts, during the production process.

Dimensional/geometric gauging and functional testing are cost-effective measurement solutions that provide accurate repeatability and reliability.

Pyxis Technologies is a leading manufacturer of precision gauging machines.  We specialize in performing dimensional and geometric checks for machine tool variables while gauging internal and external diameters and distances, on special purpose machines.

Pyxis dimensional and geometric gauging

Pyxis dimensional and geometric gauging versatility includes, but is not limited to:

  • Camshaft Seats
  • Cylinder Bores
  • Crankshaft Seats
  • Valve Seats

Station Functions

  • Pinion Shim Selection – Pyxis Signature Machine
  • Differential Case Shim – Pyxis Signature Machine
  • Dynamic Case Shim
  • Cam Shaft Measure
  • Cylinder Head Measure
  • Pinion Head Height
  • Pinion Shim Verification – Single & 3-Point
  • Pinion Positioning
  • Carrier Gauge

Gauging Machines Designed and Built by Pyxis Technologies

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