Pyxis Technologies offers design and manufacture of highly engineered production gauge, test and assembly equipment. As builders of industry standard custom machinery, Pyxis employees bring experience, dedication and attention to detail from the initial design stage to tryout on the factory floor.

Pyxis Technologies includes integration of single and multiple bolt torque spindles where applicable in complete stations. Axle assembly machinery includes specialized bearing nut torque stations. Our products range from stand alone manual assembly benches to fully automated bolt stations with bulk bolt feeders and receiver assemblies.

Pyxis Technologies adheres to all current quality control requirements and supports customer initiatives for accuracy, repeatability, reliability and life cycle costs.

Pyxis Technologies
services end users of systems as well as large and small integrators.

Typical precision turnkey applications include:

  • Engine
  • Transmission
  • Transaxle
  • Transfer Case
  • Final Drive Axle

Assembly Systems

Pyxis Technologies combined and integrated single standing stations into complete systems such as entire axle assembly for automotive and heavy duty truck applications.
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Fixtures & Tooling

Pyxis delivers industry standard fixtures and tooling for a wide variety of custom applications with all work done to exact customer specifications.
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Pyxis builds some of the best multispindle fastening equipment for such applications as engines, transmissions and auto body assembly.
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